Fumarol Grao Sakti

Fumarol Grao Sakti Geyser is that emit sulfur smoke as a result of geothermal boiling activity of the earth. The


Mukus Waterfall

Mukus Waterfall The morphology of this geosite is in the form of structural hills. The walls of the waterfall which


Lempisang Waterfall

Lempisang Waterfall The waterfall wall is an Ignimbrite resulting from the Masurai Caldera eruption 33,000 years


Lake Telago Biru

Lake Telago Biru Small phreatic eruptions have occurred within and near the wall of Masurai Caldera. Its different


Lake Depati Empat

Lake Depati Empat This lake was formed due to tectonic activity which resulted in slight faults and straits. From


Lake Pauh

Lake Pauh As a result of volcanic activity, it is composed of volcanic tuff breccia rock units, which consist of


Tiangko Crystal Cave

Tiangko Crystal Cave The karst landscape forms this cave. In addition, it has a high pre-historic archaeological