Community Empowerment

“The examination and observation process of the coffee tree quality”

 The making of compost fertilizer that will be used for the coffee plant”

“The assistance process for coffee farmers outright  in the garden”

The trimming process on a branch of unproductive coffee”

The highland lanscape of Merangin is located on around the geosite of Mount Masurai Caldera at an altitude between 700 until 1.400 meter include 3 sub-districts : Jangkat sub-district, East Jangkat sub-district and Lembah Masurai sub-district. The fertile soil as the result of Mount Masurai activity have been used of local communty for agriculture. There were spread out the vast beds of community gardens : start from coffee-garden, cinnamon, horticulture and agriculture.

The assistance process for coffee farmers around East Jangkat sub-district and Jangkat sub-district have been done by Local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) well-known as Lembaga Tiga Beradik (LTB) for the improvement of coffee gardens with made an activity “Sekolah Lapang” that focused on farmers to learn more about good cultivation of coffee or P3S (Frequently Harvest, Pruning, Fertilization and Sanitation) to manage and maintain the previous coffee garden. P3S process can be applied directly to the coffee gardens of local community and focused on to get better outcomes.

The mother’s role also important in preapring the garden until the after the harvest process, usually the mothers do picking process with using small containers namely “Kiding”, its common to garden and household. Moreover, the mothers also have been made and organization well-known as Kelompok Wanita Tani (KWT) to coffee production after the harvest to be grounds and sold around the village. Previously, the society also have been made the coffee grounds for household consumption until now the culture to produce the coffee grounds a little left behind. If there is a ceremony or “baralek”, so the local communty will start to production. Formerly, to keep the coffee at home, the local community most likely to buy coffee in the shop that located on their own village.

For these problems, the initiation of some mothers  and support by the Lembaga Tiga Beradik (LTB) make the Kelompok Wanita Tani (KWT) to produce the coffee grounds. Meanwhile, the group of fathers focused on produce Fine Robusta (greenbean). For the past 3 month, the group of mothers and fathers continuously keep producing the best quality coffee and also have been join in some events or exhibitions in Jambi Province, such as the Anniversary of Jambi Province at age 61. Also, follow activities held by the Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia (SCAI) in 2018 and 2019.


“The coffee beans-roasting is done manually”

“The separating  process of the coffee beans between good and blemish condition”

“The pulping process is carried out to remove the red skin of the coffee”

“The geo-product of coffee by the highland of Merangin”