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Fumarol Grao Sakti

Hot springs/geysers produce sulfur fumes as a result of the geothermal boiling activity of the earth.



Kumbang dan Mabuk Crater Lake Complex

Kumbang and Mabuk Crater Lake Complex

The caldera has a diameter of 7 km, with the east side of the Caldera wall lower than the west side, with the highest point at an altitude of 2.737 m, and the rim of the caldera with an elevation of 2.220 m.



Sengayau Cave Complex

Sengayau Cave Complex located in Sungai Pinang Village, Sungai Manau sub-district, from Bangko City, +50 km.



Lake Of Telago Biru

A small phreatic explosion occurred in and near the wall of Masurai Caldera.

It's a different phenomenon with the main crater when the caldera formation and different processes with the Kumbang Crater and Mabuk Crater Formation.