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Sebelik Sumpah is a type of tree that produces fruits. This tree can be found in Bukit Duabelas National Park, Regency Merangin , Province Jambi The seeds contained in the fruits are then used as craft by the Orang Rimbo (Jungle People) Community. They use Sebelik fruit seeds to make jewelry, such as necklace and bracelets which in the Rimba language is called manik. The Sebelik Sumpah tree is highly sacred to the Rimbo people. They even respect the power of this tree. They must seduce it first (permission) when going to take its fruit. To get the fruit of this tree is not easy, the Rimbo people must enter the forest. forest for several days. Nowadays, the Sebelik Sumpah tree is difficult to find and not every season this tree bears fruit. The Rimbo Jambi people believe the Sebelik Sumpah seed tree is very sacred. The seduction or request for permission is conveyed in their local language. To outsiders, the seduction sounds very romantic. Compliments, rhymes and various beautiful words they arrange before finally climbing and taking the seeds of the rare tree. If they find this tree, the Orang Rimbo will sit down and sing a poetic seduction so that the tree can be climbed and the fruit taken. They will sing until the Sebelik Sumpah tree melts and gives permission. This is a form of appreciation of the Rimbo people for the nature that has provided them with livelihoods. Good women and men Rimbo people wear jewelry made from these seeds. They believe Sebelik Sumpah can ward off and reject bad luck. The rare tree only grows in the land of the Anak Dalam people. It takes days to make a necklace. The tree is very rare, and obtaining the seeds is very difficult. The Sebelik sumpah bracelet is a characteristic accessory of the jungle people made from sebalik sumpah fruit seeds that grow around the forest in Jambi. Sebalik sumpah was ranked 3rd in the API (Anugerah Pesona Indonesia) event in 2019 in the most popular accessories category. Sebelik sumpah has also been awarded by UNESCO and KEMENDIKBUD as an Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2017. The longer it is used the color will turn black and reduce the damage process. Uniquely, if not used, it will get damaged and weathered faster and the color will not change. This handicraft is one of the Geo Products from the Merangin Jambi Geopark.


Why is this one thing often called ganci (key chain)? This key toy is made from full rattan, not imitation. Of course, it's still about the jungle ethnicity. Yes, because this keychain is a miniature ambung (a container that is a mandatory necessity in the jungle) which is made directly by the mothers in the jungle with a manual process of course, only using a small machete. No wonder that in making such a small rope, his hands were bleeding from the cuts of the rattan. Rattan is indeed sharp when bladed, but after going through a complicated and bloody process it becomes this rare and cute key toy.


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