Interested in Jambi Culture, Mr. Maasaki Murata, A Foreign Tourist Visit Merangin


Merangin, 07 August 2023

The diversity and uniqueness of Negeri Sepucuk Jambi Sembilan Lurah, especially Merangin Regency, is indeed interesting for tourists.

Not only local tourists, even many who come from abroad and interest to visits areas in Jambi Province.

Mr. Maasaki Murata, an academic from Tokyo, Japan, expressed his interest in the Jambi culture. Accompanied by the Expert Staff of the Regional Secretariat of Jambi Province, Mr. Thamrin, Mr. Murata headed straight for Merangin.

While in Merangin, the foreign tourist from Japan was directly accompanied by the General Manager of Merangin Jambi Geopark Management Agency, Dr. Agus, S.Sos., M.Hum., in the Co-Working Space at the Secretariat of Management Agency.

Mr. Murata was amazed by the Sumatra Merangin Robusta coffee concoction. According to Him, It was "as good as the coffee concoction at the best cafes in Tokyo," and have bought a package of roast beans.

In addition, when visiting tourist objects on the Geopark site in Muara Karing, Merkeh Village, Mr. Murata was constantly amazed by the views presented.

Interestingly, when visiting the Rumah Tuo Rantau Panjang, Mr. Murata joked that he wanted to buy one of the houses in the complex. He said this because he was amazed, a hundred years old, the house was still maintained and cold when he was in the Rumah Tuo.

He also asked how the transferring process of ownership in the Rumah Tuo. The Secretary of Merangin Jambi Geopark Management Agency, Mr. Jemmy, explained that this house had passed down from generation to generation to the first daughter.

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