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Pulau Tengah Village - Merangin, August 20, 2023

The series of Disaster Mitigation and Training held by the Regional Disaster Management Agency of Merangin Regency entered the final location.

Located in the Hall of the Pulau Tengah Village office which has a mainstay tourist attraction the Masurai Caldera Complex, a tour group that consistently maintains and monitors the Lake  Pauh tourist attraction which is included in the Merangin Jambi Geopark area.

Interestingly, when participating in this training, they seem to get a new energy to continue to be passionate about maintaining and managing tourist attractions.

Mr. Dodi Kussapriadi conveyed that the community is also very grateful for the existence of the Lake Pauh Geosite, Indonesian tourists/foreign tourists who come can grow the creative economy.

It is the hope of the people of Pulau Tengah Village for the Merangin Jambi Geopark Management Agency to can help the promotions to increase tourist visits.

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