Belalak Gendang


Belalak Gendang is a dance accompaniment song played by Suku Anak Dalam in the 'Bebalai' event.

The Belalak Gendang itself has a meaning,

"Betih Kecik Membungting Padi"
Betih Kecik Membungting Padi has the meaning of "white clothes wrapping the body, which has a wider meaning, that the truth is that humans will be wrapped in a shroud in life. So, act as humans in general, do not act that will bring karma in life.

"Ini Tando Mainan Balai"
Ini Tando Mainan Balai has a meaning, this is just a toy of Bebalai stage, bad things don't come to us.

"Kemeletik di Jari Aluih, Kemelebut Punco Selindang"
In a sentence it means grace in soft, soft fingers, moving in rhythm with the attached scarf. This has a meaning when dancing, look at the graceful fingers danced by the women who are wrapped in shawls, look at their beauty, then your heart will be enchanted.

"Ini Tando Mainan Balai"
Which means, this is just a toy of Balai stage, bad things don't come.

"Tekang Teku Pinggang Ngaru, Rambut Panjang Liku-beliku"
In this part it has the meaning, the curve of the waist swaying, long hair swaying. This movement has the meaning, Oh god of nature, don't disturb your children and grandchildren when they sway, just bring the wind according to their swaying hair.

"Ini Tando Mainan Balai"
This means that this is just a toy stage, bad things don't come.

"Rambut Keriting Ikal ke Kening, Ini Pembawa Hatiku Gilo, Lelalayang Mandi di Ambune, Sembak Kelik di Tundai Angin"
This poem has the meaning, curly hair covering my forehead, this makes my heart crazy, an angel bathing in a beautiful embung, blown by the gentle breeze (Sepoi Sepoi). This poem has a meaning, a poem that attracts the opposite sex, where, if we enter the poem, we will unconsciously follow the dance movements that we see through the dance movements.

News Source: Slamet Riyadi Luhur (PT. SAL-Astra Internasional)

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