Mr. Nilwan and the Merangin Jambi Geopark Team Stays in Jangkat


To Finalize the Geopark Assessment Preparation

Bangko-To finalize the preparations for the Merangin Jambi Geopark assessment will be carried out by the UNESCO Global Geopark (UGGp) evaluation team on 06-11 October 2022, the Vice Regent of Merangin, Mr. Nilwan Yahya stays in Jangkat, on Sunday (03/10). Several points of the Merangin Jambi Geopark will observe in the Jangkat area, including Lake Pauh, coffee mills, and a Micro Hydro Power Plant (PLTMH) in Rantau Kermas Village, Jangkat Sub-district.  In addition, the packaging of coffee grounds in Talang Tembago Village, East Jangkat Sub-district, the Pratintuo Cylindrical Stone site in Dusun Tuo Village, and pineapple plantations in Lembah Masurai Sub-district.

"Thank God, based on our observations that we carried out with friends on the points of the Merangin Jambi Geopark, will observe by the UGGp evaluators in the Jangkat area on D-4. The progress has reached 80 percent," said the Vice Regent.  Hopefully, in the remaining time, the preparations that will be carried out ahead of the Merangin Jambi Geopark assessment on 6 -11 October have been completed 100 percent and can get UGGp predicate, Mr. Nilwan Yahya said.

The Vice Regent, Mr. Nilwan Yahya, the General Manager of the Merangin Jambi Geopark, Mr. Dr. Agus, the Head of Communications and Information Technology of Merangin, Mr. M. Arief, the Head of Tourism Office, Mr. Sukoso, Geologist of Merangin Jambi Geopark, Mrs. Magdalena Ritonga MT, and Mrs. Malla Indra from the Merangin Jambi Geopark Management Body, stayed at a homestay.

You can see an extraordinary panorama of natural scenery from the second floor of the homestay in the LakePauh Jangkat area, with fresh air that can feel by the breeze wind.   Across the lake, we can find a result of the volcanic activity of ancient volcanoes. Three beautiful mountains are visible. The three mountains in a row are Mount Masurai, Mount Sumbing Jangkat, and Mount Hulunilo. (teguh/kominfo)

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