Opening of the International Seminar on Geopark


Opening of the International Seminar on Geopark, the General Manager of Merangin Jambi UGGp, Dr. Agus Increases Cooperation Between Management Agency

Merangin, September 18, 2023

After being officially opened by the Governor of Jambi, Mr. Al Haris on Sunday 17/09, today the series of events for the International Geopark Manifesto Art and Edutainment Seminar was officially opened.

With the theme "Promoting The Best Way to Connect People With World's Heritages of Geodiversity, Biodiversity, and Cultural Diversity to Prompt Sustainability", it is hoped that this Geopark will become better known to the public and can provide benefits and welfare to the community.

Taking place at the Merangin University Auditorium, the first agenda carried out by the Merangin Jambi Geopark after officially joining UNESCO was attended by many participants.

Apart from well-known keynote speakers from within the country, the seminar was also attended by speakers from Khorat UGGp, Thailand.

General Manager of Merangin Jambi UNESCO Global Geopark (MJUGGp), Dr. Agus was very grateful and welcomed the arrival of all speakers and seminar participants. In his speech, GM continually invited all those present to always protect and glorify the earth.

"Thank you to all the speakers who attended, and also all the seminar participants who I cannot mention one by one," said Dr. Agus.

Dr. Agus also invited to increase cooperation with campuses and Managaement Agency.

"Let's together increase cooperation and collaboration between Merangin University, Jambi University, and the State University of Padang. Because through this collaboration, it is hoped that we can improve the prosperity of the people in the Geopark area," explained Dr. Agus.

This seminar was attended by speakers including Asst. Prof. Dr. Jaroon Duangkrayom as the represntative of Khorat UGGp, Thailand, Dr. A. Ratdomopurbo as the principal researcher from the Geological Agency, Yunus Kusumahbrata, Ir., M.Sc., PhD from Geopark National Committee of Indonesia, Meliawati Ang as the Secretary of Indonesian Geoparks Network, then there is Prof. Dr. Johannes, S.E., M.S. from Jambi University, and Prof. Dr. Abdul Razak, M.Si. from the State University of Padang.

The event was hosted by Malla Indra as a Geopark Activist and two moderators from Jambi University, Ir. Hari Wiki Utama, ST., M.Eng and the Rector of Merangin University, Dr. Yesi Elfisa, M.Pd.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Jaroon D delivered a presentation regarding the management of Khorat Geopark, which is a geopark with a rich geological heritage in the form of various types of dinosaur fossils and reptiles found in the area.

In several presentations by the speakers, everyone agreed to protect and glorify the earth for human prosperity. Apart from that, with the momentum of this seminar, it is hoped that cooperation with Khorat UGGp and Rinjani-Lombok UGGp can be increased so we can adopt their system and vice versa.

On that occasion, a Cooperation Agreement was also signed between Geopark Study Center of the Bakrie University and General Manager of Merangin Jambi UGGp regarding a joint commitment to carry out research activities, encourage geotourism and community empowerment.

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