Sungai Hitam Waterfall


Sungai Hitam Waterfall

Period II eruption at 21,000 after the formation of the Masurai Caldera which partially dismantled the caldera wall on the south side. Ignimbrite flow deposits through existing valleys, including the south of Koto Teguh Village, the Black River of Renah Pelaan Village, and in the west of Pematang Pauh Village. The bedrock that is overlaid is rock that is older than before the formation of Mount Masurai. From the results of geochemical analysis, this rock contains silica in the andesite-dasitic range. The black color results from the relatively thick glass content in the pumice and it is also possible that there is a transition from an acidic and intermediate magma. On the other side of the waterfall there is an ignimbrite cave caused by water erosion.


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