Some sites in the Merangin Jambi Geopark (MJGp) area has been developed as the tourist destinations, to socialize the site protection program and increasing the local economic value through geotourism. Generally, the popular tourist destinations based on natural and cultural attractions, such as Wood Fossils of Muara Karing, The Indigenous Forest of Rantau Kermas, Crystal cave of Tiangko and Lake Pauh.

The geotourism destinations also equipped with support facilities likes : parking area, toilet, restaurant and in some location you will find house of worship, etc. Destinations that equipped with some outbound activities and certified guides including geosites associated with special interest of tourism, such as rafting, hiking and vertical caves.

  1. The Rafting of Batang Merangin

As the main attraction when visiting the Merangin Jambi Geopark, by route ± 13,8 km and takes about ± 3 hour, through the grade of river rapids until 4 scale. While looking at the beauty of Batang Merangin  river which was adorned by rocks and the Early Permian fossils (300 million years ago). Through this main geosite that took starting point in Granitoid Air Batu Geosite, then Wood Fossils of Teluk Gedang Geosite, Wood Fossils of  Muara Karing and end up in Conglomerate Formation of Teluk Wang Geosite.


  1. The Hiking of the Indigenous Forest of Rantau Kermas

While looking at the natural mountains and the morphology landscape of Bukit Barisan, observation of flora and fauna. By enjoying the specific humid forest of Sumatra and stunning diversity of flora and fauna that located in Rantau Kermas village can be surrounded by walking about ± 1 km and takes around ± 20 minutes, we are already in the heart of this indigenous forest. Good commitment to preserve and protect the forest areas, it’s important to keeping in ecosystem balance and prevent the landslides, the river water is steady all  year round that came from indigenous forest as energy sources of electricity.


  1. The Mountaineering of Masurai

The Mountaineering of Masurai can be done through the tracks of Sungai Lalang village and takes about ± 8 hour. To reach on camping point in Lake Kawah Kumbang.


  1. The River Tubing of Mengkarang

The river tubing activities can be done in the streams of Mengkarang river in Brachiopoda Fossils of Mengkarang Geosite with distance of ± 13 km and can be reached by less than ± 3 hour. While enjoying the beauty of river with rock ornaments around Early Permian (300 million years ago), and shellfish fossils such as Brachiopoda, Crinoid and Ammonite.