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Merangin is one of regency in Jambi Province that located on Sumatra Island, Indonesia. The Merangin Regency covering the area around 7,668.61 km2 and based on the census data have 333,206 population in 2010 and 353,052 in 2020. It is consist of  180,357 male and 173,695 female.

The Merangin Regency is divided into 24 sub-districts, and grouped on their areas and populations in census of 2010 and 2020. The tables include of the location of  sub-district administrative center, total of administrative villages (205 villages and 10 urban villages) in each sub-district and post code.

source: wikia


|| Access from Major Cities 

|| From Jakarta

|| By Air

Soekarno Hatta Airport - (around an hour and 20 minutes) - Muara Bungo Airport

|| By Roads

Muara Bungo Airport - (around an hour) - Merangin Jambi Geopark


|| From Jakarta

||  By Air

Soekarno Hatta Airport - (around an hour) - Sultan Thaha Syafuddin Airport

|| By Roads

Sultan Thaha Syafuddin Airport - (around 5 hour) - Merangin Jambi Geopark