The third village for the location of the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Training


Tiangko Village, Sungai Manau Sub-district, Monday, 7 August 2023.

The third village for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Training has been carried out by the Regional Disaster Management Agency of Merangin Regency, and Merangin Jambi UNESCO Global Geopark Management Agency, represented by the Secretary of Management Agency as the guest speaker.

The activity has carried out in the Tiangko Village office hall, Sungai Manau Sub-district, attended by the village head, village officials, and 30 volunteers for disaster resilience. Merangin Jambi Geopark Management Agency delivered material related to synergy with various parties to encourage the progress of all sites, including those in Tiangko Village, namely Tiangko and Sengering caves.

Merangin Jambi Geopark Management Agency and its various activities seek to encourage the development of solid infrastructure leading to the site location and the installation of signs for preparedness and the disaster-prone. Through training activities, we hope that preventive and mitigation (risk reduction) efforts in the event of a disaster will spreadable by volunteers to all levels of society. So, if the worst possibility of a disaster occurs, rescue and handling efforts can be held easily and quickly.

The Merangin Jambi Geopark Management Agency is one of the elements ready to cooperate with the Regional Disaster Management Agency. The three main pillars of Geopark are conservation, education, and community empowerment. Closely related to efforts to preserve the environment and sustainable development. So, we hoped to minimize the community activities, especially in farming and gardening, by clearing the land by burning can be reduced or opening plantation land in locations, including in state forest areas, around karst, river borders, and prone to landslides.

Based on the discussion results, the community's wishes for the potential of ecotourism/geotourism services in karst and cave areas in Tiangko Village able optimally developed. It begins with clear boundaries between Areas for Other Uses (APL) and forest areas. In this regard, the Management Agency will coordinate with the UPTD KPHP of Merangin Regency as a representative from the Jambi Provincial Forestry Office has the authority to manage production forest areas.

Merangin Jambi Geopark will continue to collaborate with related parties to consistently educate the public, to jointly protect the geological heritage in the karst landscapes in Tiangko Village through the provision of geotourism packages (cave-trails) and the production of local creative economic commodities.

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