The Conservation Collaboration between Merangin Jambi UGGp Management Agency with Natural Resources


The Tiangko Cave should maintain continuously. The limestone age of Tiangko Cave was Early Jurassic - Late Cretaceous (195-140 million years ago) and is evidence of ancient human life traces (Broson, Bennet, dan Teguh Amar, 1975. “Prehistoric Investigations at Tianko Panjang Cave, Sumatera,” Asian Prespectives 18 (2): 128-45).

According to Mr. Udin, the head of the Natural Resources Conservation Agency of Merangin Regency, the stakes and betel nuts were planted along the boundary lines of the area since the Dutch colonial era.

Amazingly, this Tiangko Cave is conserved by the government, especially by the people of Tiangko Village, as an Indonesian asset. An asset must continue to protect as a heritage from generation to generation; this is consistent with the main pillars of Merangin Jambi UNESCO Global Geopark (geodiversity) and the function of conservation, education, and empowerment.

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