Participate in Guguk Village Disaster Mitigation and Training, the Customary Forest Management Group


Guguk Village - Merangin, August 14, 2023

The series of Disaster Mitigation and Training held by the Regional Disaster Management Agency of Merangin Regency entered the sixth location of the seven planned locations.

Located in Guguk Village which has a Customary Forest, there is a Customary Forest Management Group (KPHA) that consistently maintains and monitors the condition of the Customary Forest which has received many awards and the foster tree program.

Included in the Merangin Jambi Geopark area, the Guguk Customary Forest also has a complete fauna.

Interestingly, when they took part in this training, it was as if they got a new energy to continue to be passionate about protecting the Guguk Customary Forest.

Mr. Riyan, the new Head of KPHA expressed their wish to be assisted for promotion to  Geopark Management Agency. So far, they have been constrained to increase tourist visits. Even though they already have tour packages that tourists can enjoy.

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