Explaining the Excellence of Merangin Jambi UGGp, Mr. Eko Invites Tuo Villagers to Take Care of the


Tuo Village - Merangin, August 9, 2023

To unite the perceptions of all elements of disaster management. It is the shared responsibility of the Regional Disaster Management Agency of Merangin Regency (BPBD) to conduct training and disaster prevention mitigation.

The importance of implementation apart from providing education to the community through training participants, this activity is also a request from UNESCO to carry out training to protect natural ecosystems.

It is inseparable from the Merangin Jambi Geopark recognition by UNESCO on May 24, 2023, at the UGGp Council Board meeting in Paris. It is also important to realize that the Geopark consists of various geological sites on an international scale with intact and complete fossil formations and on a national scale.

Delivered by Mr. Eko Wahyudi, a presenter from Merangin Jambi UGGp Management Agency, Merangin has 21 geological sites that currently belong to the world.

The importance of this training is to raise awareness of protecting the environment. "By entering this Geopark, we can protect the remnants of the forest that only a few remain in our area," explained Mr. Eko to the training participants.

He added that the activities in this Geopark are not just for tourism activity, but many others, such as environmental preservation, agricultural improvement, and cultural preservation.

"The geopark wasn't built by the government but developed by the community groups who care about all the sites they own," continued Mr. Eko.

"This activity is one of the efforts requested by the team from UNESCO to carry out this training to protect natural ecosystems."

The Council Board will again assess the next four years; whether we have succeeded in conducting a program to protect nature.

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