Traditional Village of Air Batu


Traditional Village of Air Batu

Air Batu is the name of the river that was in the location where the settlement was first pioneered. When entering the village, we will be greeted by a line of houses on stilts facing each other with the road or alley in the village. This village is estimated to be 300-400 years old. It seems that the Air Batu Village Community has divided the land use into residential areas, burial areas and plantation areas. The settlements pattern is elongated, following the street. East-West house orientation rectangular house plan. It is a stilt house, standing on wooden poles, walls, floors, original wooden girders, wooden entrances and windows, 4 leaf windows and one main door.

Regarding the history of Air Batu Village, it begins with the people of Minang tribe. They came and settled in scattered places until according to the history of the first settlement, namely in Muaro Buluro. Then move to Batu Gajah, then to Seberang Nenong and partly to Kampung Cinan near Air Batu Village. Because at that time the Cinan Village was considered unable to develop, the idea came from the local leaders at that time to move across back to the Merangin River to build the living village. They live permanently until todays.

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